Hop Stoopid Imperial IPA from Lagunitas Brewing Company

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Lagunitas Brewing Company from Petaluma, California is one of those tiny little breweries that somehow manages to put out a huge number of different beers every year.  Hop Stoopid Imperial IPA is one of their latest big brews that is available throughout Bend in 22-ounce bottles.  Several of our closest friends have recommended this beer to us, and we’ve heard through the grape vine that this competively-priced beer is one of the biggest selling Imperial IPA’s in Central Oregon. 

Hop Stoopid Imperial IPA from Lagunitas Brewery

Hop Stoopid Imperial IPA from Lagunitas Brewery

Hop Stoopid is 7.7% ABV and has a comical 102 IBU.4.U.

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 Hop Stoopid Imperial IPA
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Nose/Appearance:  This clear, non-yet-infected beer from Lagunitas gives off a slightly sour/tangy yet hop-tinged aroma.

Flavor/Body:  Hop Stoopid is a flavorful hoppy ale with a profile that one might describe as a west coast Imperial Flemish brown.  In other words, it’s fairly unique for the style.

Finish/Mouthfeel: Finishes clean.  A strong suit for this particular beer.

Overall Drinkability:  Once you get past the tangy nose, the flavor and finish offer a fairly rewarding drinking experience, especially for the price.  Where else can you get 22 ounces of a semi-imperial IPA at 7.7% ABV for under 5 bucks?  It’s the economy . . . .  Stoopid.

Celebrity Likeness:  Kim Cattrall.  Hop Stoopid offers a cheap thrill.  Even if it’s not quite Lagunitas’ best effort, this beer still offers a lot of seductive potential.

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