Firestone Walker Pale 31, a hoppy refreshing California Pale Ale.

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This excellent pale ale is a standout brewed by the people with a “passion for the pale”, Firestone Walker Brewing company in Paso Robles, California.  This hoppy and balanced yet light beer is a summer blessing.  At 4.8% ABV, this “California Pale Ale” is very worthy of a 6 pack purchase despite the hefty price tag that it carries in the Bend ,Oregon markets.  With the early success of the beer guys at Whole Foods, Firestone Walker beers are now available in several Central Oregon locations, including, Whole Foods, Newport Market, Rays in 14th st and the Brew Shop on Division st.  Pick up a 6 pack, you won’t regret it!

Firestone Walker Pale Ale

Firestone Walker Pale Ale

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Firestone Walker Pale 31
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Nose/Appearance–  A robust yet clear golden color capped by moderately fine-laced head.  We’ve quaffed many Firestone Pale 31’s at the Bend Wild Tasting Compound and its aroma usually excels.  This Particular Firestone Pale was strong but not exceptional in regard to aroma.  Fresh citrus notes mixed with some delicate hints of pine set off the senses.

Body/Appearance- Keep in mind that this beer rings in at 4.8% alcohol. With that, Firestone Pale has a great comparative body.  Think of the bookish person who wears baggy clothes but works out all the time.  Pretty rewarding!  While the body is still dominated by hops, there are light but pleasant notes of caramel and bready malt notes finishing off the body.

Finish/Mouthfeel- Hoppy but appropriate.  The bitterness is present but far from excessive.  We have previously evaluated the Skyline Forest Ale from Bend’s own Deschutes Brewery.  We referred to it as a precursor to what could become a great Hop Session ale.  Well, Firestone Walker Pale is the best example of a Hop Session pale that we at Bend Wild have found yet in our life long beer quest.  Frankly, we’re disappointed.  We wish that this was an Oregon beer and more specifically a Bend beer, but our taste buds don’t lie and this beer is a winner.

Overall Drinkability- 10,10,10! We love having this beer around during the summer months.  Because of this beer’s aromatic nose, low alcohol content and light mouthfeel, is is good for several beers per night if you lack self control!  Buy it love it and prod your local Bend Brewery to make something similar.  You won’t regret it!

Beer Likeness- As this beer has a close relative from Steinhaus Brewery/Firestone Walker, this is an easy one.  We’ll go with Mission Street Pale carried by Trader Joe’s.  Another consideration is Bonafide Pale from Bend’s own Boneyard Brewery.

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