India Pelican Ale from Pacific City, Oregon

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This high-priced IPA from Pelican Pub and Brewery in Pacific City, Oregon has been one of our favorite beers for a long time.  Although it occasionally makes its way to the shelves of Newport Market or Whole Foods in Bend, it is currently only available in the Bend Wild corporate tap room.   Given Pelican’s ever increasing prices, we find that buying it by the keg is the only affordable way to enjoy it these days.  Drinking the IPA at their beautiful ocean-side pub will set you back about $6.50 per pint.  It’s a great beer and a stunning location, but that is a really steep price, even for die hard beer lovers.

Pelican IPA from the Pelican Pub and Brewery in Pacific City, Oregon.

Pelican IPA from the Pelican Pub and Brewery in Pacific City, Oregon.

India Pelican Ale is not a bashful beer.  It is packed with 85 IBU’s and 7.5% ABV.  This highly decorated beer is a past World Champion Ale and the small, seaside brewery is renowned for countless other brewing awards.

Bend Wild – Beer Scoring Scale
Pelican IPA
Overall Drinkability
Total Score

Nose/Appearance: Very few beers score a 32 on this part of the scale, and still somehow manage to disappoint.  Perhaps it’s our long-time love for this beer, but it’s nose is not quite as stunning as it used to be.  Pelican IPA has historically achieved a near perfect score for nose, but in the last year or so, it has softened quite a bit.  It still has nice citrusy Cascade hop aromas, but they now are titrated with a spicy coarseness reminiscent of corriander and fresh milled wood.

Flavor/Body: This aggressive west-coast IPA has never tried to be balanced, and it is still holding true to that style.  The prominent hop flavors dominate throughout, although with somewhat less late hop flavors than previous versions.

Finish/Mouthfeel: Simple and strong; it’s bitter hop finish aggressively massages the palate with all 85 IBU’s.

Overall Drinkability: Still a 10, despite the current aromatic deficiencies of this particular batch.

Celebrity Likeness:Pamela Anderson.  Pelican IPA is an attractive and top heavy ale with a visceral simplicity that is hard to deny.

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