Bend Brewing Company and 10 Barrel Brewing Company to share Brewmaster, Tonya Cornett

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Rumors have been swirling around the Bend Oregon beer scene for weeks(months) about the possibility of Tonya Cornett of Bend Brewing Company fame leaving the BBC to become the brewmaster at 10 Barrel brewing company.  We sat on these rumors despite having great sources regarding their validity.  It turn out they were only partially true.  It was almost common knowledge in the back rooms of the Bend Oregon brewing world that Cornett would dash to 10 Barrel to chase the allure of a bigger paycheck and a sexy new bottling plant where she could expand her brewing resume and more fully utilize her vast expertise.

Bend Brewing Company

Bend Brewing Company

In a series of comments just released on facebook, her status was clarified but only moderately.

Tonya Cornett:

“As most of you have learned, I have accepted a position with 10 Barrel Brewing. I will however oversee the daily opperation and quality control for Bend Brewing. It is important for all of you to know that I have vested interest as well as a strong committment to my BBC family. This decision will have no impact onthe quality of the beer that Bend Brewing is known for. Please join us on Feb. 4th for the bottle release party for Lovely Cherry Baltic. It is the beer I am most proud of!”

10 barrel brewing company

10 barrel brewing company

This is, in our small minds a win-win situation.  The BBC retains the brewmaster that help put them on the national brewing map while 10 Barrel gets the services of one of the best minds in the brewing world.  As our interest set here at Bend Wild is the constant improvement of the Bend Beer scene, we are cautiously optimistic.  Will Cornett have enough time to do everything well?  Will all of the participants in this beer triangle play nice together?  What happens after the 10 Barrel bottling line is up and running? We’ll have to wait and see.  In the short term, everybody wins and Bend gets more great beer and that makes us very happy!


Bend Wild

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